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Tasmanian Prime Meat

2 Stradbroke Rd, Goodwood TAS 7010, Australia

Tasmanian Prime Meat is the only 100% halal butcher shop in the entire state of Tasmanian. The business has been dedicated itself for the betterment of the Muslim community in the state. The business has a retail operation open for the public alongside a commercial and export division.

Highest Standards of Halal

Tasmanian Prime Meat maintains the highest standard of halal practices. The business sells only things with which there is no doubt about being halal. In fact, the business processes its chicken in Tasmania regularly to ensure 100% hand slaughtered halal chicken for consumers.

Retail Outlet at Goodwood

Tasmanian Prime Meat has a physical outlet at 2 Stradbroke Rd, Goodwood TAS 7010, Australia. The shop sells different cuts of lamb, beef, chicken, goat, deer, buffalo, camel etc. The business runs promotions every now and then for the customers.

Distributor of Halal Brands

Tasmanian Prime Meat is the sole distributor of Fettayleh branded halal deli products in the state of Tasmania. Fettayleh is known for upholding great quality and taste. Additionally, the products are 100% halal.

Commercial & Export

Tasmanian Prime Meat also sells to many restaurants, cafe and food businesses. Additionally, the business has a division that looks after exporting halal meat to the rest of the world.

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Md Imadul Islam Rahat

Md Imadul Islam Rahat is a muslim serial entrepreneur based in Hobart Tasmania. He is the founder of Golden Frameworks and one of the co founders of Tasmanian Halal Meat (currently known as Tasmanian Prime Meat). Rahat's passion relies in technology and solving social problems.

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